Constant Contact: Another Day, Another Moonshot Tech IPO

If this is Wednesday (or Monday, or Tuesday, etc.) it must be time for another moonshot tech IPO. I was relentless early this year calling it the year of the tech IPO resurgence, and that is definitely the way things have played out, with some standout stuff from ComScore, VMware, and, today, Constant Contact.

The latter company, an email marketing firm, wandered in the marketing automation wilds for a while, before locking down and getting to $27-million in revenues last year, on its way to >$50-million this year. The stock IPO-ed today, and has my friend Eric points out, it is doing a moonshot, up more than 80% today from the issue price, despite not having the supposed $100m revenue IPO minimum.


  1. Paul, slightly OT but just read about a hill collapse in La Jolla. Hope you’re alright!

  2. Yeah, I’m okay, but it is nearby. We had a helicopters circling overhead all morning, which mostly made me think that we had a traffic incident somewhere nearby and the media buzzards were out. It was only after that I discovered the problem was a collapsing hillside on Mount Soledad.