ComScore: Sigh … Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

You know, I completely whiffed on ComScore. Spent a bunch of time on the offering, liked it, pushed it on others, and then got distracted with some other things and never bought stock, not even on its late August lows.

Now, of course, my friend Jim Cramer is pushing the stock hard, calling it correctly a must-own — ComScore is the de facto standard rating agency (no slurs intended) of the online media transformation — and the stock is up 12% today, hitting new highs. Ah well, gives me a chance to practice my Korean profanities: Ay chum na!

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  1. I’d be interested to know why it’s the de facto standard, Paul. As far as I can tell their measurement methods are just as prone to error as anyone else’s, if not more so.
    And don’t they get people to install the software by promising them their Internet speeds will increase or giving them bogus virus-scanning software? Sounds a little dodgy to me.

  2. It’s the de facto standard because it’s the de facto standard. That’s the essence of being de facto — that people cite you as authoritative, which leads more people to cite you as authoritative, and so on, etc.
    Of course, I’m not talking about technology here, nor about conspiracy theories among the digerati. I honestly don’t care. I just think it’s a great business, with great growth and good economics …

  3. worth says:

    You are the master of educating your readers:
    Mathew “don’t call me Matthew”-”I’d be interested to know why it’s the de facto standard, Paul.”
    Paul-”It’s the de facto standard because it’s the de facto standard.”
    So not only do we get enlightened in THAT way, but we also get to pick up some Korean profanity along the way (as an aside, when Koreans curse, do they say “pardon my French?”)! Excellent.

  4. Fair enough.