Bubble Quote du Jour

Here is a keeper bubble quote from my VC friend Dave:

Having a web bubble of silliness without the Nasdaq north of 5,000 is like a frat party with dealcoholized beer.

As a related aside, the context was a press release from a particularly bizarro new “Web 2.0” site.


  1. While there might not a huge open keg out in “public”, there’s various not-so-innocent pitchers of Kool-Aid being served in some corners.

  2. One of the things that struck me in the US was the 21-year minimum age limit for alcohol.
    Which means at most frat parties, serving or having alcohol would be wilfully illegal.
    In making that simile, is the VC suggesting that Nasdaq north of 5000 involves some kind of wilful illegality? One has to ask, no?