Bill Gross: Good Forecaster? Not So Much

The kind people at CXO Advisory Group have done their usual analysis to figure whether bond-meister Bill Gross of PIMCO is a skilled prognosticator. The conclusion? Not so much.

Based on our judgment, Bill Gross’ forecast accuracy rate is about 42%, which is below average compared to the accuracy rates of the stock market forecasters tracked at Guru Grades. His forecast sample size is moderate, as is our confidence in this score.

[via CXO]


  1. I would like to see this done for Barry “PermaBear” Ritholtz.

  2. Where’s peter schiff?

  3. Wait, Gross is an economist? I thought that he was a salesman!
    Personally, I get all my advice from Leonard the Wonder Monkey.

  4. i make 90% of my money on 10% of my trades