Apple: Great Numbers

Great numbers from Apple today. Unless I’m missing something in my fire-fatigued state, the company turned in a $0.20 EPS beat, while shipping 1.1-million iPhones in the quarter. More later.


  1. Apple said that it shipped its one millionth iPhone on September 9th (assume for simplicity that it ended Sep. 9 having sold exactly 1mm, even though that’s wrong). It ended September 29th having sold 1.389mm iPhones. Thus, it sold 389,000 iPhones between those dates, or an average of 19,450 per day.
    It took 74 days to sell the first 1mm iPhones, or an average of 13,513 per day. All but 5 of those days were at the original 499/599 price points. Thus, lowering the price did juice average daily sales to the tune of 44%. I wonder if that will continue to accelerate into the holiday season, or if it will slow down at all.