Apple: Channel Checks for iPhone and iPod Touch

Deutsche Bank is reporting this morning that channel checks are upbeat for Apple right now, especially iPod Touch and  iPhone:

Channel checks highlight very strong demand for iPod touch, iPhone and Macbook Pro We conducted a series of channel checks at over 50 Apple retail and Best Buy stores across the country in conjunction with a series of online checks (Apple, Amazon and Macmall) to assess demand for iPhones, Macs and iPods. Our checks suggest particularly strong demand for the iPod touch, iPhone and MacBook Pro and healthy demand across the remaining product portfolio.


  1. yet more evidence the consumer is toast due to sub prime falling housing prices and high gas prices

  2. what’s so special about this data? There are literally a million “channel checks” done each day by the sell-side and they have as much believability as Paris Hilton’s conversion after jail. Why now? Why this piece of data?