Air Traffic Mashup Needed

Just curious, but my main thought in reading the woeful new BTS release on August air traffic delays is, Why isn’t there an air traffic data map mashup? Why can’t I see the air equivalent of the highway system with color-coded routes — red for delays, green for clear sailing — and so on?


  1. Bill King says:

    While not an exact match, Flight Aware is a really cool service.
    The idea of a real-time flight traffic mash-up would be so useful. Probably far more valuable than any lateness alerts the airlines might send to your Blackberry.

  2. The FAA has this in a communications center about 2 blocks from my office. It shows every airplane within FAA control in realtime across the entire system. They don’t make the info public for security reasons but presumably, like the stock market, a delayed version might be possible.