Tiger Woods’ 2007: Best Year in Modern Golf?

With Tiger Woods taking the professional golf Player of the Year award today — and now having won nine of the last eleven such awards — here is a question: Was Tiger’s 2007 the best year for any professional golfer in the history of modern golf?

The arguments for Tiger’s 2007:

  • He tied the record lowest scoring average in PGA history (his own from 2000)
  • He had the highest single-season winning percentage in PGA history, winning eight of 15 events entered
  • He has the highest overall winning percentage in PGA history

The arguments against:

  • Golfers in previous eras won more tournaments per year, albeit by playing more tournaments and winner at a lower percentage
  • He won more majors in 2000 when he had the same scoring percentage
  • Johnny Miller’s 1974 (or fill in the blank with another golfer) was better


  1. I love Tiger, and he’s a big part of why I started playing golf, but it’s pretty clear this was not the best year in modern golf. If for no other reason, you can’t miss on the kinds of chances he had at the Masters and the US Open.
    Now, if you want to talk about 2000…

  2. My vote is in favor of Tiger. He is currently recognized as the best athlete in the world, and were not just talking professional golfer here. I think that in itself speaks volumes.