The Race for the Next Bomb Thing

An email from the Financial Times tonight touting the top stories in tomorrow’s paper contains a somewhat surreal typo. A paragraph summarizing a Richard Waters piece about Silicon Valley’s conference season, and in particular about Mike’s upcoming TechCrunch40 conference, concludes as follows:

The amount of venture capital being invested in the US is at its highest level since 2001 and it has led to a rash of “me-too” companies. Bars and discos frequented by US citizens, and a US military base in Hanau near Frankfurt may have been among the group’s targets, Ms Harms said.

Hmmm, the race for the next bomb thing?

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  1. Those 2 sentences were immediately following each other? Without context the quote makes no sense at all to me.

  2. Adam says:

    Techcrunch 20, not 40.

  3. Adam says:

    Crap — they doubled the number of companies on me. Should do my research before commenting and/or never doubt the PK.

  4. John K says:

    Buffer-overflow bug hits journalists.

  5. @1:
    It makes perfect sense: Techcrunch is targeting military bases, bars and discos for their nefarious plans :)