The Meaning of Matt Drudge

If Matt Drudge didn’t exist, would the online media ecosystem have had to create him? As the following chart of most-trafficked news sites shows, it is remarkable the key role he continues to play.


  1. I would say “Yes”, based on the fictional archetype he represents – the shady, not-quite-legit wheeler-dealer you go to when you need something not really ethical, but necessary. There’s always a niche for those sorts of characters in any corrupt world, and the media certainly qualifies.
    By the way, his traffic stats are inflated somewhat from automatic page refreshes.

  2. I read somewhere once that Drudge is a big fan of the late Walter Winchell, and that he wanted to be the Winchell of the Internet age. If so, he’s largely succeeded and that explains his continuing popularity.
    Also, last I heard his Sunday night radio show is huge, carried in virtually every market in the country (and probably every major market).

  3. MediaWatcher says:

    Seth wouldn’t be a liberal, would he? This stuff just kills them. Let’s see the talk-radio rankings next…