Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at

  • Ace Fed watcher says Fed will cut rates to 5% and stop (Bloomberg)
  • The ever-bearish Jeremy Grantham is more bearish than usual (Fortune)
  • Good roundtable on renewable energy (IDD)
  • Pinehurst targets hedge fund managers and execs with its $25,000 golf sabbatical (Bloomberg)
  • Total oil and gasoline demand is below forecasters’ expectations for the 10th month in a row (EIA)
  • Economist James Hamilton expands on his “non-bank bank run” comments from JH (Econbrowser)
  • HGTV’s ratings are hanging in despite the collapsing housing market (Business Week)
  • Ad spending forecasts move stocks and markets, and they’re generally badly wrong (AdAge)
  • Comcast and other Internet providers have begun cutting off heavy bandwith users, which may set off lawsuits (Washington Post)
  • Yahoo launches investor sentiment indicator (Big Picture)
  • Research: Why are oil shocks today having such a different impact from what they did in 1970s? (NBER)
  • Research: Textual content in financial filings is predictive of earnings outlook (JoF)
  • Research: Carry trade, securitization and more in latest issue of BiS Quarterly (BiS)