Robert Shiller: We Have a Crisis

Before digressing to flog his Case-Shiller housing index, Yale economist Robert Shiller makes some fair points in the following video interview with Bloomberg. Among other things, the Fed conference in Jackson Hole the last few days has had a timely topic — housing and real estate — but it has been over-focused on what went wrong, and not enough on what to do next.

What! Say it ain’t so: Economists beating each other up about who is most right about things that don’t matter? Never.


  1. Windows Media Player can’t connect…what an amazing POS!
    Please oh please put it on YouTube!

  2. After playing around with it for a few minutes I was able to get the video on Linux. But forget about the audio it is encoded in some proprietary Microsoft format. Useless if no one can watch it. YouTube works fine on Linux.

  3. Sadly, it is in some goofball proprietary Windows format. That’s what Bloomberg uses, so that’s what I’m stuck with without transcoding things.

  4. Mplayer on Linux is doing fine for me with the video and audio for the asf video in the Bloomberg link. I use Ubuntu and it has options for install of various proprietary codecs.