No Q400s for Me Please

It’s nice, sunny day, and in flying back to San Diego today I tried to reschedule on Alaska Airlines, only to be told by them “Don’t. Not on days like this.” I tried to puzzle that through, thinking it’s clear, sunny, bright, mid-week, post-summer, etc. Why is this a bad day to be changing routes?

The answer: Bombardier Q400s. Dozens of flights were canceled today, all involving said jets.

In the United States, the biggest disruption came for Horizon Air, which withdrew 19 of its 33 Bombardier Q400s. Allen Weymiller, a spokesman for the regional air carrier, which is owned by the Alaska Air Group, said the move caused 113 flight cancellations on Wednesday.

Wednesday night, Mr. Weymiller said that the company would cancel 127 fights on Thursday.

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  1. The Q400 is not a jet. It’s a turboprop — a jet engine driving propellers.