Microsoft + Facebook = Microbook?

According to the WSJ, Microsoft is in talks with Facebook about making an investment putting a valueof $10-billion on the social-networking site. Yowza.

This sort of thing has, of course, been tipped for some time. Microsoft has bought Facebook five or six times, by my count, over the last year or so. It’s easy to see the appeal, given the large percentage of Facebook revenues accounted for my Microsoft via an ad-swap deal. Steve apparently has a mind to do some spending.


Just for fun, and for those you playing the home game, let’s guess who might swoop in with a higher offer and take out the whole company. Normally it’s Google, of course, but this time around my money would be on Yahoo.


  1. Who are the big players exploring social network acquisitions at the moment? Is Yahoo! even one of them?

  2. Plus, Yahoo’s market cap is only $36Bn. I don’t Mark Z would sell out 100% for anything less than half of that and no way Yahoo would give up that kind of stake. I think at this point only MSFT and Google have the equity to pull off an acquisition and (I hope) both know better.

  3. microsoft has locked up facebook. luckily those folks don’t subscribe to the top 20 tech blocks which are laughably anti microsoft. as for yahoo, they are throwing stuff at the wall. Facebook won’t stick.

  4. I think Facesoft works better than microbook from a branding perspective…
    ps. isn’t that the second time you said yowza in a week?

  5. huh?
    how in the hell do you figure YHOO pulls the trigger on that one?
    GOOG has monetization, and MSFT has oceans of cash; both have market cap >$100B.
    YHOO has neither of the above, at least not in scale.
    Paul: you drinking again?

  6. I think it should be called MS’NFB

  7. There she goes my bubble, dum-di-di-dah.
    Facebook has ~34 million users, has a revenue of ~$100 million a year and has 300 employees. Assuming a valuation of $10 billion, MS is essentially paying $33.3 million/employee or $294/user?

  8. Starting to smell a lot like ’99. Social networking, is that anything like search engines/portal? Remember our old friends Lycos, Excite, Yahoo, (insert random search engine/portal I have long forgotten here).
    I guess the top won’t happen until we see the Chinese social network. Than that will tell me time to run and hide under a rock.

  9. it’s only blowing bubbles when msft pays up. when google does it, it’s F’n SMART.

  10. Jack Studer says:

    (yahoo + facebook + delicious) x amazon = death of google
    Now to just find someone to come up with the cash to merge all these guys together.