Michael Wolff on Newser, Blogs, and Old Print People

You have to hand it to columnist Michael Wolff. My fellow CNBC contributor (and infrequent on-air combatant) has turned his current widely-read Vanity Fair column into a link-included musing on his own new business venture, a news site called Newser.

Whatever your feelings about Newser — and I tried it a while back, and it’s fine, but it doesn’t do anything I need done — the article is worth a read. Wolff is as entertainingly cutting as ever, correctly about young people’s non-interest in the news, but wrongly about blogs. Anyway, here he is on the weekly conference call via which his new site has been designed:

In every newsperson, not just Rupert Murdoch, there’s the dream of owning a newspaper–my paper. This retro dream is why, for the past six months, every Wednesday morning, I’ve been on a conference call about the subject of software design and digital engineering as it relates to the news. Although the discussion is specifically about how to make the news exciting (come on, guys, if it bleeds it ledes), it is often as tedious an hour as any I remember from high-school math. I’ve been able, however, using the mute button, to shower during these calls.

[via Vanity Fair]