LazyWeb: Saturday Night Live and Wall Street

Does anyone out there recall an episode of Saturday Night Live in which there was a Weekend Update wherein they talked about the stock market, saying something like, “Today on Wall Street no stocks traded. Everyone had what they wanted.”

Assuming I recall this correctly, when was it?


  1. Jarid Lukin says:
  2. One Way Stox says:

    I always thought this SNL bit was funny
    First Citiwide Change Bank — WE MAKE CHANGE
    (thanks for the link to the snltranscripts)
    Bank Representative: We have been in this business a long time. With our experience, we’re gonna have ideas for change combinations that probably haven’t occurred to you. If you have a fifty-dollar bill, we can give you fifty singles. [ SUPER: “We can give you fifty singles” ] We can give you forty-nine singles and ten dimes. We can give you twenty-five twos. Come talk to us. [ SUPER: “We can give you twenty-five twos” ] We are not going to give you change that you don’t want. If you come to us with a hundred-dollar bill, we’re not going to give you two-thousand nickels.. [ SUPER: “We’re not going to give you two thousand nickels” ] – unless that meets your particular change needs. We will give you.. the change.. equal to.. the amount of money.. that you want change for!

  3. I think this is mentioned in _Demon of Our Own Design_ when he is talking about efficient market theory. Don’t have the book in front of me and don’t remember any other details…