LazyWeb: Industry-wide MBA Placement Rates?

Anyone have a decent ongoing source of industry-wide MBA placement rates, ideally including historical figures? Lots of individual schools publish figures, but I can’t find a central storehouse.


  1. Brian Elder says:

    Hi Paul , the financial times has this year by year – 2007 is at link below
    or better, a FT pdf:

  2. I don’t know how much faith you should put into numbers the schools publish.
    I went to a college that had a pretty terrible comp sci program and they advertised a 99.7% placement rate. 112 people started, 9 graduated and, of those 9, I know of 2 that had related jobs, 2 had somewhat related jobs (the same jobs they had before starting the program and all throughout), 3 were either unemployed for quite a while or worked in a completely unrelated field and 2 went to university.
    They still advertise a 99.7% placement rate.