I Need to Fly More in India and Korea

I need to fly more in India and Korea. Carriers from those two countries lead the world in in-flight entertainment. Who knew?

Jet bags international award for best inflight entertainment
19 Sep, 2007

MUMBAI: India’s largest private air carrier Jet Airways has been honoured with the Avion Award for the Best Overall In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) for small airlines worldwide.

“Jet Airways was judged on the basis of its commitment to excellence in creating one of the most comprehensive in-flight entertainment systems in the world with some of the most special and unique programming features,” the company said in a statement here on Wednesday.

The award was given at the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) in Toronto recently.

Korean Air has best in-flight entertainment
Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007 09:35
When it comes to flying long-haul, good in-flight entertainment can make a huge difference.

The World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) recognises this, and every year awards the airline with the best in-flight entertainment.

In 2007 the body has given the accolade to Korean Air.

The airline has spent millions on an expanded audio and video on demand system over the last two years, and its 22 long-haul aircraft now feature almost 500 different choices of film and music entertainment.


  1. Madhusudhanan says:

    Inflight entertainment doesnt in anyway make up for rude ground staff and atrocious scheduling and overbooking…(agreed some of it is due to the appalling aviation infrastructure and stressed out employees)
    But maybe if you fly in India you would get better treatment since you are a gora !!

  2. Not to mention the food service. On a recent trip to India, I was astonished at the multi-course, multi-choice meal service on several Indian airlines, in the coach section.
    It reminded of the largesse of our airlines in the 50s and 60s, when air travel was seen as glamorous, and the business was viewed as really cool.
    Indian airlines get “bated breath” media coverage locally similar to that received by the Googles and it’s ilk here.

  3. paul you have an air india ad on your blog?

  4. Didn’t realise you flew for entertainment, Paul!
    These awards probably signify the triumph of reality over expectation, to paraphrase and mangle a well-known adage.
    Next – business class awards. Apparently Jet’s international business class (BOM-LHR) is spectacular at prices about half of BA’s (although BA business class is now very good with Michelin-starred meals, perfect flat beds, cotton (not static-gathering man made fibre crap) linen and Anya Hindmarch toiletries kit).
    PS: You sure you like Bollywood films? 😉

  5. just wait till the entertainment include onboard “magic rope & snake show”!.

  6. I wonder if air travelers in Thailand consult the in-flight ratings of airlines before deciding which one is least likely to end in a fiery wreckage? If I’m traveling in S.E. Asia, foreign language movie selections wouldn’t be a huge decision factor for me.

  7. Korean Air has other advantages besides in-flight entertainment. I’m pretty sure they hold beauty contests to select their flight attendants.
    In first class & business class, called “Morning Calm” class, (Korea is the land of the morning calm, you know), you can request heated bamboo mats on which to rest your feet.
    It’s the best large airline in the world.

  8. Reuben Kincaid says:

    Probably just a good PR firm…

  9. I would agree that not only In-flight entertainment but also the food and the service is great in Indian airlines.
    I was surprised when I was flying initially here in US and had to pay $5 for the sandwich, and another $5 for the beer.
    I think, it is also true that Air travel in India was only for Riches until very recently and if you are Rich in India, they try to give you the “Luxury”

  10. I Thınk Such Knowledge see The Interest.. thanks.!

  11. It’s also the quality of the in-flight staff. In India the in-flight staff is screened and trained rigorously. They are very hospitable and take their jobs very seriously.