Housing Stat du Jour

Here is the housing stat du jour:

Between November 2001 and April 2005, housing and housing-related
industries created 788,300 jobs, or 40 percent of the total created in
the United States, according to Asha Bangalore, an economist at
Northern Trust in Chicago.

[via Newsweek]


  1. That stat sounds pretty dubious; there’s some fudging going on somewhere. From the BLS themselves, “Total [US] employment is expected to increase from 145.6 million in 2004 to 164.5 million in 2014, or by 13 percent”. That’s 1.8 million jobs PER YEAR.
    Real numbers at:
    Maybe he’s just talking about the number of part-time, new real estate agents. Supposedly over 1.3% of the population of California are real estate agents:
    (yes there are two dots in the URL)