Greenspan on the Daily Show

Missed this until now, but Alan Greenspan’s appearance on the Daily Show is among the more unsettling moments in Greenpan-ish history:


  1. Hey Paul…feeling a little thick over here…care to expand upon why this is “among the more unsettling moments in Greenpan-ish history”? I think the “unsettling” part is lost on me. Is it that models don’t help forecast the markets? Because I’ve never seen a way to get human nature out of the equation.
    As a side note I will say that there is a great business to be built in establishing the “fear measuring” utility/service…solving that problem would be the golden ticket…
    Anyway…pardon the brain puke. Why is this thing unsettling to you?

  2. It’s unsettling when he starts dancing 3:37 into it.