Google + Brightcove = Goocove?

Given the current strategic shift at Brightcove from tool/destination to pure tool, and the $85-million in Brightcove investment from increasingly antsy investors, how much longer can it be until the video service gets bought? With its high quality and its role as an ad-ready content creation tool for video, it sure would make sense embedded in a Yahoo or a Google.


  1. Give that Brightcove has raised $80+ million, it will be a hard deal to make as investors are expecting at least 3x their money on this one or $240M, yet from all appearances it has little traffic or awareness.

  2. Agreed, and that was partially my point. A bunch of investors are set to take serious haircuts ….

  3. This is like the search engine and portal wars – when everyone and their brother had a search engine and a portal and investors were pouring all their money into them.
    YouTube was the first big one, and the rest are also-rans at this time. So, unless someone with a radically new approach comes along (à la Google), we’re going to see a lot of money go down the drain.
    I mean, just how many people really use Lycos today?

  4. The perils of raising too much money.