Fun with Euro iPhone Launch

Europe is having its own iPhone frenzy tonight, with pundits buzzing about the announcement on Tuesday of Apple’s European iPhone pricing and partners. Leaving aside for a moment how the product will do — okay, I remain confident it will do well — I’m currently irritated by some factoids trotted out by an latenight on-air commentator.

The issue? He sniffed at Apple U.S. iPhone sales, saying the company had only moved 1-million units since launch in the U.S. market, while Nokia “sells a million units every day”.
Really? According to the numbers I have, in 2006 Nokia sold around 8.4-million units in the U.S., or about 23,000 phones a day. While that’s eminently respectable, it’s also a far cry from what that talking head said just now.

(Is it possible that he was talking about Nokia’s worldwide unit sales? For sure, and that ran 915-million units in 2006. But that’s also apples and oranges considering that he was trying to make a case concerning Apple’s U.S. iPhone sales.)


  1. Reuben Kincaid says:

    All people on TV are basically the same: they are all talking heads commenting on what other people do.
    It’s like pornography: some people are actually have fun making it, the rest just watch and talk about it.