Updated: Yabba Dabble Do: A Facebook-based Social Todo List Manager

Some portfolio news, so feel free to look away if that sort of thing upsets you:

The folks at Dabble DB (in which I am an investor via Ventures West) in Vancouver have launched a fun-to-use Facebook-based todo-list manager called, appropriately enough, Dabble Do. The gist: You can manage your own todo lists, which is nicely done, and highly useful.

But here’s the nifty and viral part: You can give todos to other people in your friend network — and then “whip” ’em until they get them done. You can also pass todos on to other people, etc. It’s neat stuff, and all built on top of Dabble DB’s core  technology.

Here is a link to it in Facebook’s app section for “Dabble” if you’d like to add it. Send me a note, or post here, and let me know what you think.

[Update] More at Read/Write web, Mathew Ingram’s site, as well as on the Dabble DB blog. There is also some growing discussion on Techmeme.


  1. Sounds like a way to boss people around in your social network…
    or just a way to organize them:)
    actually – should be really useful for team functions and event planning

  2. As I told Avi and Andrew already, I’m less interested in apps that live only inside the FB network. I’m only adding apps that I can also point out-in-the-open plain Jane URLs at as well.
    Does that matter if “regular folks” are using FB happily? Guess not, I just try to do as little as possible in closed off portions of the web.

  3. I’m not so sure if I want to use Facebook to manage my to-do items….How about you?
    Michael Vu
    …a social network for sports fans.