Vegas Gamblers Lost $4,000 While You Read This Note

Today the Nevada Gaming Control Board released FY 2007 winnings (i.e., the amount lost by gamblers). It was a record year of winning/losing, with an aggregate $12.7-billion take, up almost 5% from last year. A little more than half of that figure came from Las Vegas alone.

Anyway, here are some fun figures on losses by Nevada gamblers per unit time last year. Looking at it this way, Vegas sorts lost about $4,000 while you read this note.

My question: How correlated is all of this with televised poker ratings? It’s free publicity for the casinos, whether people end up playing poker while in Vegas or not, and I have to believe there is a relationship.


  1. These are stunning figures. To think that $24,000/minute is lost is outrageous but in now way stops anyone from avoiding the blackjack table. In terms of the televised poker ratings and the ever-increasing popularity of poker tournaments, it only provides more evidence that despite the statistics, gambling will always have an appeal.