The Booming Luxury Travel Business

Some fascinating (if intermittently oddball) stuff about luxury travel in a Times of London piece this weekend on Abercrombie & Kent:

  • There is no Abercrombie in Abercrombie & Kent, and there never was. Founder Geoffrey Kent just thought it sounded better this way, plus it got it to the front of alphabetical listings.
  • Company sales of $500m are growing by 25% per year
  • Fortress currently has majority control, and is lining up for an IPO
  • Most expensive trip ever: $1.7m for a U.S. CEO who wanted to take 70 family and friends to east Africa
  • Advice to him from Bill Gates on one trip: “If it works, it’s obsolete”

[via Times]


  1. Btw, I think that excellent Bill Gates quote is originally from Marshall McLuhan.