That Cramer Moment from Friday

Okay, okay, please stop emailing me either a) asking for a link to Jim Cramer’s “mortgage Armageddon”comments Friday afternoon on CNBC, or b) sending me a link to same. Because I saw it Friday, commented Friday night on CNBC, and, yes, it’s now up on YouTube. Here you are:


  1. Just go buy some Washington Mutual (great advice, truly, no matter how old you are).

  2. Didn’t Cramer sell equities at the absolute low in October 1998? This guy belongs in a sanitarium and is why I will watch Fox Business News channel starting in October. I will not watch CNBC until this idiot is off the air.

  3. James Tellier says:

    This almost captures the hilarity of Cramer MSFT recommendations in the summer of ’06 here:

  4. Boo Hoo, the guys who stood in front of freight trains to pick up quarters are getting mowed down. Tough. No rate cuts until these clowns are wiped out, please.
    Guys like this love capitalism and tell the govt to shove off so long as they make money. The minute they start to lose it they want the govt to bail them out.
    Like I really care that some 2/20 guys are losing their jobs. Like anyone really cares.
    Personally this whole little segment looks like a staged event to get people talking about the carnival barker that is Cramer. Also – when did CNBC start the motion sickness inducing back and forth camera pan.
    Agree on the FOX – with the WSJ it could be a winner. Particularly if they drop the ‘balanced’ moniker and make it an unabashed free people free markets TV show.

  5. jimbo was kind enough to give us a “bottom”. it maybe a trading bottom but it was an incredible bell that Jimbo rung for traders everywhere!

  6. GAME OVER says:

    Cramer needs to go back to college and take some basic Finance courses. The is what a free market is about. Repricing is what the market needs and what the market wants. Quit crying Jim, remember, the market is NEVER wrong.
    If people are losing there homes then they deserve it. Home ownership is only a right if one can AFFORD it. How delusional are you Jim, the housing market is inflated, free market says they need to come down 25%, so be it!! If the Fed cuts the rate, then America is subsidizing those loans through inflation Jim.
    So you worked at the bond desk for Goldman back in the day. Obviously you haven’t learned a darn thing about basic economics. It’s either that or you must have some big interest in some troubled hedgefunds.
    Cutting rates is the simple answer? Yeah what’s worse, idiots who can’t afford homes getting foreclosed, or the whole nation suffering from $4 gas? Greenspan, Dumb America, Cramer: time to pay up for your sins. It was inevitable.