Tech: Is Google Rolling Out a Gmail Storage Upgrade?

I have complained here many times that Google won’t let me buy a storage upgrade to Gmail without going to Gmail apps. This morning, however, I have had two people email to say that they woke today to discover that Google has, without announcement, upped their total Gmail  capacity to 10gb.

Bug, feature, or other? And it hasn’t happened to me, so what gives?

[Update] I have sent a note to Google PR people on this to check.


  1. chris vale says:

    I’m sweating bullets here, “You are currently using 2859 MB (99%) of your 2886 MB.”
    How is refusing money to increase storage in the interest of the Google shareholders? Are people like me, who are willing to pay for more storage, really so few and far between? They have google checkout AND a 10 GB enterprise email solution, it can’t be that hard to integrate!!

  2. I’ve been helping a friend set up a paid $50 google apps account (because his email was full), and his old, “regular” account suddenly became 10GB. This was within the last 24 hours.
    So there’s another data point.

  3. Okay, something’s going on here. And I have been trying to get Google people to respond, to no avail.

  4. We received the news hours later and we have confirmed it, because of several sources:
    Have a nice day.

  5. Googly Eyed says:

    Didn’t Yahoo mail go to unlimited free storage? And Google is dickering over a measly 10G?
    So sad to see Google mess up like that.

  6. @Luis, it’s already here, and you missed the rockbottom price

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  8. Peter Kasting says:

    I work at Google (though not on Gmail or Picasa) and can clarify to some degree: when the new shared storage plan went live, people who were already paying for extra storage in Picasa were migrated to the shared storage plan, so that extra storage they’d already paid for was now available with Gmail as well.
    So this isn’t a case of some people randomly, inexplicably getting more storage.