Steve Jobs and John Markoff: IM Buddies

I’m not all that interested, one way or the other, in the revelation today that the author of the Fake Steve Jobs blog is actually Dan Lyons, a Forbes editor. I didn’t read FSJ very often, and I thought the idea had outlived its usefulness, but hey, I have a vanishingly short attention span, so what do I know.

Anyway, the more interesting part of the NY Times piece revealing Lyons’ FSJ role came in the final para:

As for Mr. Jobs himself — the real one — he did not seem all that interested when told the identity of his online doppelganger. He said in an instant message conversation that he had no interest in reading Mr. Lyons’s novel.

John Markoff contributed reporting. [Emphasis mine]

What, a reporter at the NY Times is IM buddies with Apple CEO Steve Jobs? My guess is it’s big-footed tech reporter Markoff (pace the extra credit byline), which makes it awfully unfair that John gets to IM the Real Steve questions, while the rest of us have to sort through stuff via indifferently-sourced Engadget rumors.

[via NY Times]