Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at

  • The Fed discount window is open, and no-one’s coming (Reuters)
  • Chinese banks have just begun disclosing their subprime credit exposure (Washington Post)
  • Great Michael Lewis read on quants and catastrophe finance (NY Times)
  • Fastest-growing segment of the TV-watching population is aged 59-65 (AdAge)
  • Chinese pollution has reached the point where fixing it may hold back economic growth (NY Times)
  • Useful map of locations of U.S. energy infrastructure (EIA)
  • Japanese housewife hid $3-million in Forex gains (Reuters)
  • Bill Gross calls for Bush Administration to bail out homeowners (PIMCO)
  • Hedge fund contagion during market meltdowns (NY Times)
  • London pension fund trustees are suing some hedge funds (Telegraph)
  • Research: Information sales and insider-trading (JoF)
  • Research: What determines the level of short-selling activity (SSRN)
  • Research: The causes and consequences of U.S. household indebtedness (FRB)


  1. Michaels read is absolutely amazing. He is such a fantastic story teller. His story has the charm and make sense to every one who reads it. He assumer very little mathematical background to the reader. I always recommend his book to all my non math savvy friends.
    I recall this from his book ” Traders are great story tellers” Michael ranks pretty high among the list of my story tellers.
    Thanks Paul for sharing the link