Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over

  • Gulf oil and natural gas companies are shutting production in preparation for Hurricane Dean (Reuters)
  • Swiss central bank chief calls U.S. credit crunch “unbelievable” (interactive investor)
  • China is look at expandings its hedge fund and private equity holdings (Reuters)
  • Funny fake apology letter from subprime struck hedge fund to investors (Bloomberg)
  • The President’s “plunge protection team” gets a workout this week (NY Post)
  • Forbes has major report on solar power (Forbes)
  • Warren Buffett, Jim Rogers, Bill Miller, Jim Chanos, and others on the credit crisis (Fortune)
  • More knowing ex-post analysis of the mortgage meltdown (and missing the point that it’s hard for many to get out of a trade until it stops working) (NY Times)
  • The S&P 500’s p/e makes stocks cheap, or expensive, or neither, or something (Bloomberg)

And as a bonus online addition, John Mauldin’s latest Report from the Frontline (called “The Panic of 2007”) is highly worth reading. Among other things, I liked his use of figures showing the longstanding downbound price trend of a BBB RMBS CDO (translation: a “BBB” rated, residential mortgage-backed security collateralized debt obligation).


  1. What’s Next after Web 2.0?
    I do not like those buzz words like Web 2.0, Business 2.0 etc., however in order to communication, you have to conform to their protocols, otherwise they might think you are speaking in a foreign language. So far Web 2.0/Internet 1.0 lead by Youtube, FaceBook, same Amazon, New Yahoo! and New Google is successful, though at not successful as Web 1.0/Internet 0.0 led by Old Yahoo!, Ebay, Amazon and Old Google. Why? Not a big surprise anymore when from Web 1.0/Internet 0.0 to Web 2.0/Internet 1.0 as opposed from nothing to Web 1.0/Internet 0.0.
    I believe the next after Web 2.0/Internet 1.0 is Web 3.0/Internet 2.0, however we’d better to call it Internet 2.0, since at that time, Web is not that important any more. Why?
    Web 1.0/Internet 0.0 – Informed, you as a reader
    Web 2.0/Internet 1.0 – Inform, you as a writer
    Internet 2.0 (as opposed as Web 3.0/Internet 2.0) – formation of Information, you as a reader, writer, and much more
    – BTW I am writing this post while I am watching a lecture C++0x (yes, C++0x) on at Univ. of Waterloo made by Prof. Bjarne Stroustrup – Prof. Stroustrup, think about C++ 3.0, borrow somthing nice from Ruby, the world is way too different now as opposed to 1980s
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