Renaissance: Making Stuff Up About Bill Gates for Fun and Profit

While I’m on the subject of the Renaissance hedge fund and its bizarro Wikipedia edits, one of the Renaissance Wikipedia edits is particularly unsettling. Someone at Renaissance edited Wikipedia a few years ago to say that Microsoft founder Bill Gates had briefly been … you know, dead, back in 1977.

Hey, maybe knocking off CEOs of public companies via Wikipedia is one of those trading strategies Renaissance doesn’t want to disclose in an S-1 filing. Clever bastards.


  1. I thought he died in 1999 . . .

  2. paul, this is the best tool i have found from your site.
    it has allowed me to do background checks on firms
    i now know that there is a seriously disturbed bigoted and juvenile person working at one firm i have dealt with, a lesbian at another (hooray!), and a racist/idiot at another.
    these are firms too small and too old guard to have had good controls on their staff internet usage. and they will get burned.

  3. Gates was replaced a lookalike CEO named Billy Shears. If you run Windows backward, you can hear some of the clues.

  4. Thanks “lancey”. While I’m not sure sexual preference is tradable information, I’m convinced that there is market-moving information in Wikipedia, some of it waiting to be exposed via Wikiscanner.