Quick Hits: Mortgages, Mortgages, Oil, and Bridges

Catching up and emptying my ever-overflowing link box. I promise not to turn into All Mortages, All the Time, but I do have a fair bunch of the stuff today:

  • The U.S. has sneezed. Will the U.K. now catch a housing cold? (BBC)
  • Home repossessions in U.K. are at eight-year-high (Tiscali)
  • Latest U.K. mortgage arrears and home repossession data (CML)
  • Home insurance industry implicated in major investigatory piece (Bloomberg)
  • Legislative proposals to fix the current financies woes of the housing/mortgage/banking complex look worse than the problem (WSJ)
  • Some mortgage types are now “radioactive” (Bloomberg)
  • Rapidly rising oil exploration costs are driving oil prices higher (Houston Chronicle)
  • 159,000 U.S. bridges are either “deficient” or obsolete (Huffington Post)