Quick Hits: Market Neutral, XBRL, Gambling vs. Investing, etc.

Catching up and emptying a few things from my exploding inbox:

  • Big liquidations are triggering hedge fund troubles among market neutral and quant funds (Marketwatch)
  • Blind to trend, quant funds are paying a heavy price (WSJ)
  • Micro-formats for XBRL (CoreFiling)
  • Gambling vs. investing (InvestorGuide)
  • Annual National Association of Seed Investors Conference is coming up in September (NASVF)


  1. I know the CEO of CoreFiling, and I do think their work on micro-formats for XBRL is interesting stuff. I worked at Reuters on the first ever publishing of company details in XBRL by Reuters (in 2001), and back in those earlier days of XBRL, the thinking was that XBRL was something you could embed into (X)HTML. However, that doesn’t seem to be how people have used it subsequently. CoreFiling’s micro-format work is definitely bringing us back to that original idea, how to make XBRL documents more accessible to users who don’t have XBRL-specific software by embedding XBRL transparently into a broad-based horizontal format like HTML.
    Cheers, Tony.