Phrase du Jour: Venture Tourist

Here is my venture capital phrase of the day, complete with definition:

venture tourist. A venture capitalist who has no money in his/her current fund, and so has zero likelihood of investing, but meets startup companies and visits conferences all the same. It is sometimes viewed as inappropriate behavior, especially if said VC doesn’t disclose the unlikeliness of ever investing.

Usage: “Yeah, our current fund is fully committed, so I’m mostly being a venture tourist these days.”


  1. anontroll says:

    Haha! Guy Kawasaki / Garage.

  2. Unfortunately I see this alot at local angel forums. Seems to be more and more people just showing up so they can tell their friends that they were ‘part’ of the next big thing. Either that or they’re just looking for jobs…..

  3. Better than a tourist entrepreneur I guess.