Pathology du Jour: Scrabbleoma

I have this admittedly unusual fixation whereby sometimes when I see/hear words my first reaction is, “Whoa, great Scrabble letters”. It can be highly distracting in social circumstances when you should be thinking of what to say after “Hello”, as opposed to where to play the letters in your conversational counterpart’s name on an imaginary Scrabble board such that you can put an “H” on a triple letter score.

To that point, tonight I was emailing with someone and the subject was “Deepak” (as in Chopra) and “Oman” (don’t ask). “Good Scrabble words”, was my straight outta Tourette’s response. And the answer? ADENOMA.

Just ’cause I knew you wanted to know.


  1. Self-congratulation or self-deprecation? Both?

  2. I do not see this as pathological unless you count as pathological an innate need to find if the number of the car ahead is a prime number; or one perfectly divisible by 9, 13 or 17; or a perfect square.
    The ‘pathological’ skills may come handy in the unfortunate situation of being a witness to an accident or another incident common in urban life.