Online Blog Net Traffic Surging

The following traffic figure from Gawker shows why top blog networks are currently so attractive to advertisers: raging traffic growth. Granted, it would be nice to see the logarithmic version, but still impressive.


  1. How is this traffic recorded. If it is a guess like Alexa then the numbers have no meaning other then appearance. But if the sites provide their logs or use a custom tracking code, then those are some impressive numbers.

  2. Wait a minute – that looks rather misleading.
    What’s the very bottom plum-blue segment?
    And *pageview* is easy to pump because every new *person* can mean several more *pageviews*.
    Most of them look pretty steady, with just a few big winners, i.e. the red segment.

  3. Jumping in a few days late…
    BeachBum: it appears to be Gawker’s internal numbers. In any case, the numbers are easy to verify: Gawker sites make their Sitemeter data public.
    Seth: the bottom segment is Gizmodo. No idea how why the label is missing.
    (I have nothing to do with Gawker and no inside info; we’re just slicing and dicing lots of this sort of data at blogcosm.)