Money:Tech Update — Jim Cramer

While I’ve been working on the just-announced Money:Tech conference program for some time, things have really accelerated since formally announcing it earlier this week. I’m seeing great speaker ideas, lots more cool companies, and generally giant levels of enthusiasm for the new conference. Keep the calls and emails coming.

So, who is signed up to speak so far? An eclectic mix of financial hackers, hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, academics, VCs, and others, all of whom are messing with Wall Street’s status quo.

I’ll be announcing names steadily over the next few weeks, but I’ll start with someone guaranteed to be entertaining, enlightening, and more than a little polarizing: Jim “Mad Money” Cramer. Yes him. I can’t wait.


  1. This conference sounds great. Any idea on pricing yet? I’d definitely love to see a talk on quantitative analysis as coming from a comp sci background with a new found love for financial markets.

  2. countmeout says:

    Talk about a buzz-kill. Here I’m thinking an O’Reilly sponsored conference that bridges technology and finance, moderated by PK will be the can’t miss event of ’08. Then you go and include THAT clown??? You will never convince me that he has anything of substance to add to what i thought would be a valuable discussion. Why’d you have to go and turn this into retail-a-palooza?

  3. Joe McMackin says:

    Will the hedge fund still be hedge fund managers when the conference starts?