Microsoft Starts Own Yahoo-Buying Rumor

Steve Ballmer apparently wants people to think his Microsoft is buying Yahoo. Here he is from an interview today in New York with Charlie Rose:

Rose: Are you in talks to acquire Yahoo?
Ballmer: If I were, i wouldn’t say anything, and if I weren’t, I wouldn’t say anything.

[Tech Trader via Valleywag]


  1. More likely he just watched a tv special about outlaw bikers: “Those that know, don’t say. Those that say, don’t know.”

  2. For Ballmer not to say anything would defy the law of physics.

  3. Finally, an executive with some common sense. He answered the question the way every executive should answer a question like that; the way every coach who is considering switching teams should answer. I have never understood why coaches, when asked if they are considering taking another job, answer categorically. Why not just say, “I have made a policy to never comment on coaching job changes. It’s the same thing with Ballmer.

  4. I don’t think Balmer’s comment means anything. Yahoo would be a pretty dilutive (and messy) purchase for Microsoft at this point.

  5. If I had a comment about Ballmer I wouldn’t say anything, and neither would I comment if I didn’t.