Jim Rogers: U.S. Housing Among Biggest Bubbles in History

While the current media frenzy over subprime may mark a near-term bottom — the smart folks at Citadel are seemingly betting that way with their Sowood buy at 40 cents on the dollar — but Jim Rogers doesn’t buy it. In an interview where he waxes bullishly about China, he says that U.S. housing was among the biggest bubbles ever, and it’s “got a long way to go” before it’s fixed.

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  1. John K says:

    All I can think of watching Jim Rogers is Al Franken’s impression of the late Senator Paul Simon, where he would exasperatedly intone:
    “That’s why I wear the BOW-TIE”

  2. Alan Graham says:

    Can you please fix your page code with video…it keeps effing up Firefox…yet not Safari. There is something with this type of video that causes a weird ghosting effect that makes me not want to come here cause it totally screws with the browser.

  3. Jonny Red says:

    Is this interview from Bloomberg Asia? What is the host’s name. He is the most personable and entertaining financial persona I’ve seen yet.