Jim Clark Lives!

After having largely laid low for years, Netscape co-founder Jim Clark appeared today in a somewhat incongruous context: A WSJ article on the most expensive homes in America. Here’s Jim:

“One hundred million is an insane amount to pay for a house,” says Jim Clark, the billionaire co-founder of Netscape.

I have no problem with the quote, but I feel like there’s something missing from the piece. Like, is Jim just a Random Billionaire being asked about house prices, or is there some other reason why Clark pops up in this context?

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  1. Sean Ness says:
  2. dub dub says:

    Maybe his son-in-law Chad Hurley (YouTube) is thinking of buying it!

  3. John K says:

    He speaks from experience.
    And Clark’s only 1/2 insane since he paid over $50M for a Woodside residence a few years back.