iPhone Unlocking Silliness

This iPhone unlocking story is waaaaay overdone. First off, this was inevitable. Second, it’s an absurdly difficult multi-step process, one that requires 6-8 hours and a soldering iron, which isn’t exactly up there with toasters as a common household item.

Now, if the other iPhone unlock being touted tonight works, the software one, then we have something.

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  1. Joe Moreno says:

    There are two separate stories out today on unlocking the iPhone.
    I think you’re confusing the “second” iPhone unlocking technique with the “first” one. One method is a hardware mod and the other is software:

  2. Brent Buckner says:

    With time value of money, “sooner” versus “later” still matters for something that is “inevitable”.
    6 to 8 hours plus a soldering iron has just set a ceiling for AT&T/Cingular’s valuation of iPhone bundling.
    That strikes me as useful/important information. After all, if it were 8 to 10 hours we’d all be getting different valuation numbers.

  3. Rocky says:

    Do we have any insight yet on what Apple’s cut of the AT&T cell bill is? (Maybe when next quarter’s numbers come out?)
    If it’s not huge, this crack might be a net plus for Apple.

  4. Paul, this is Napster in 1999. Who would have thought a small P2P site would change the music industry? The SIM card is the DRM of music.
    This, plus open mobile networks a la Google could change the telecoms industry. I for one would like to have the choice to make my calls on either the At&T or Verizon or Skype or Virgin or Orange network…just like I can buy music by the drink froma wide range of sources.