Interview with Broadcom’s Henry “Brothel-boy” Nicholas

Wish I could see the actual transcript for the five-hour interview with Henry “Brothel-boy” Nicholas summarized in yesterday’s L.A. Times:

But in a marathon interview that began Tuesday evening and stretched to 3 a.m. Wednesday, Nicholas talked enthusiastically about his eclectic interests — including his efforts to develop military vehicles that can withstand rocket-propelled grenades, his work to keep California’s three-strikes law intact, his attempt to keep his sister’s killer behind bars and his venture into the music business.

… “If you want to understand my behavior, and my wife, and all that crap, here’s what you should know,” he said, pointing to a photo of his children. “My wife thinks I should have nothing to do with those kids.”

… Nicholas’ wife, Stacey, had filed for divorce in fall 2002, soon after, court records show, a group of contractors threatened to disclose Nicholas’ alleged effort to build a secret “lair” beneath his Laguna Hills home to indulge in prostitutes and illicit drugs.