Great “One Month Later” iPhone Review

Ryan McIntyre has a great “one month later” iPhone review. Rather than me summarize it — okay, it’s a solid B+ — read the whole thing.


  1. Most reviews then and a month later are still focused on features, not economics. The avg consumer around the world pays $ 50 for his/her comm device – subsidized by telcos in US, and based on economies of scale in India, China, elsewhere. Where does $ 500 gadget fit in this bell curve – may be 5% of overall market? Does not even factor the ATT cost, base of $ 1500 over 2 years plus all the roaming wifi, intl rates if you travel globally etc.
    Think of how many Macs would sell if Apple were to just introduce that premium product today in a market headed towards $ 100 Negropointe tools…

  2. Glenn Hassan says:

    I guess Vinnie forgot that Razr was around $500 when it came out the first time. (Just compare Razr vs Iphone capabilities and you’ll get the point.) In Asia where there are no subsidies for phones, most of the phones are in the $300-$1000 range, hence iPhone $499 price tag is pretty reasonable.
    Vinnie argument on ATT cost base is really baseless, as any of you who own a cell phone would have to pay similar monthly charges plus roaming wifi, intl rates, etc that he/she mentioned.
    So Vinnie, where is the additional costs again? could you tell me where can I get a $50 phone that you can use without paying the monthly charges?
    I think Vinnie should use fair calculation when calculating the TCO of iPhone instead of quoting the high $1500 cost over two years. Every cell phone holders with internet capability have to pay this amount.