China’s HDTV Problem

Growth of HDTV in China is slow, with only 2-million users forecast by 2011. Why? Check this:

“The most important element in the service market is content
production,” says Simon Sun, In-Stat analyst. “At present, the majority
of HDTV content is produced by government-led initiatives…”

Government HDTV programming? That’ll hold back the market. Wait until they get Discovery HD and then we can talk.

[via In-Stat]


  1. I agree with the premise, but as a big Discovery HD viewer, I gotta tell you that a HUGE chunk of the content is government supported from:
    Much of the original productions (i.e Planet Earth) are supported by state sponsored networks from those countries…
    Even the US does some – with those NASA mission updates in between shows…

  2. While I agree with the sentiment of what Paul was trying to say, I have to side with John K. In addition to Discovery HD’s content, another major player in the production of quality HD programing is PBS.
    Never mind CSI, travel and nature shows are what makes HDTV worthwhile, to me. Although I think that HD cooking shows like Barbeque University should either be outlawed, or not run during the mid-afternoon hump between lunch and dinner.