Why are BlackBerry Fonts So Bad?

A perhaps picayune question, but why the heck are BlackBerry fonts so bad? I have a new Curve (yes, I have changed phones four times in last four months — guilty) and you can choose among six fonts, things with unmemorable names like Millbank, Casual, etc.

A better shorthand would be “Ugly”, “Ugly”, and … “Ugly”. They’re all awful. Uniformly so. Why is that? The BBerry has enough resulution to do some decent fonts, and yet it has these MS-DOS rejects.

Anyone had any better luck, or come up with a solution to BBerry fontophobia?


  1. I agree, it’s just as bad as you say; Not only the asthetics, but readability. The only font that I can use on my 8830 (without developing a migrane) is BBclarity.

  2. It’s really this type of lack of attention to detail that allows Apple or Dyson products to succeed. And it’s the sort of thing that will lead to failure for many companies. I don’t understand this approach to product design.

  3. I actually rather like BBCasual. And it’s very, very dense, which is nice.