The DFA vs Vanguard Smackdown

The financial equivalent of “Pepsi vs Coke” is DFA vs. Vanguard. The two heavily quantitative fund complexes both have their adherents, and it’s always entertaining watching them go toe-to-toe. Somewhat more seriously, you can learn something from the debate too.

Read here.

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  1. dub dub says:

    Thanks for the link!
    Common folk can “beat the market” with a very slightly leveraged ETF strategy, as long as you have guts to stick with it during bear markets — and that’s always the hard part, isn’t it?
    As an added bonus, the “magic five-year number” soon begins from the last market low, so the numbers look even more impressive! Prepare for some heavy marketing come fall :)
    Remember those heavily-leveraged nasdaq index funds in the late 90′s when it was unthinkable the nasdaq could lose 50% (!) of its value?