Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at TheStreet/RealMoney:

  • Funny iPhone segment on The Daily Show (YouTube)
  • Main iPhone components: Marvell, Skyworks, CSR, Intel, Samsung, Wolfson, and Broadcom (iFixit)
  • Ebay-auctioned lunch with Warren Buffett goes for $650,000 (Reuters)
  • The vaccine-autism link is getting a thorough debunking — but some people don’t care (Slate)
  • Biotech industry challenged by new and more complex view of genetic cause of disease (NY Times)
  • While there’s no mega-bubble, the place to watch for one will be in ETFs (William Bernstein)
  • The threat to Google’s revenue stream (TheStreet/Altucher)
  • China’s stock market is “too hot” (Telegraph)
  • Nintendo Wii demand still outpaces supply (AP)


  1. Here’s what else is inside the iPhone: