Screw Google: Henry Had a Broadcom Brothel

You know, I’m trying to stay on target and concerned with respect to Google’s over-spending the current quarter, but I can’t. I’m too fascinated by the ongoing tawdry allegations about Henry Nicholas  of Broadcom’s supposed underground brothel at his house up in Laguna Hills.

More here and here. I’m particularly fond of this part of the Guardian story:

Mr Nicholas’ … luxurious Laguna Hills home sits atop a network of tunnels and a 2,000 sq ft bar called “Nick’s cafe”

Whoa, like something out of an adult version of The Three Investigators. Is Henry actually Jupiter Jones, all grown up?


  1. Sounds like the high-tech version of Jeffrey Epstein.

  2. The odd thing is that it seems weirdly credible. I’ve seen Henry present, and in addition to being bright/driven/etc (like every other tech CEO) he also has a sort of aura that is VERY uncharacteristic of his peers. Most of them are uncharismatic or what charisma they do possess is in a offbeat, geekish, kind of charming way.
    Nicholas comes across with a very tangible “cult-leader” kind of intensity…kind of like a cross between Svengali and Mesmer.
    I have no idea if there is any truth to the allegations…but if it does turn out to be accurate I won’t wander around expressing a lot of surprise.

  3. At Henry’s brothel the Broad comes