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Okay, I’m back to griping about the maximum storage in Gmail mail accounts. I currently have a 2.8gb maximum in my main account, and I’m at 92% of capacity. I’d like to buy more space, but I can’t. Google won’t sell it to me.

And then, a brainwave (courtesy of a friend). Why not upgrade to Google Premier edition? That way I get 10gb of storage in my email account, even if I have to buy a bunch of other Google Apps for my domain that I really do not want. Oh well, at least I get the extra 7.2gb of storage, right?

Not so fast. The trouble is, I have a bunch of family members on the domain. While they’re all, in effect, served for free now, were I to upgrade to Google Premier each additional account beyond the first costs me $50. That is, of course, an irritating price for me to have to pay to get 10gb of storage, and most of my family aren’t as deep in the email morass as I am, so they are highly unlikely to eagerly pay $300 per year ($50gb/yr each in, say, a family of six) just so that I can get 10gb of storage by upgrading to Premier.

So, I’m back to where I started. I’d like to be able to get more storage in my Gmail account, and I’m happy to pay for it — but I’m not happy to pay for 20 other users who have all been involuntarily upgraded to Google Premier along with me. Argh.


  1. Paul,
    Since this is not your first post on this and you’re a pretty smart guy, I’m assuming you’ve already tried most of this but….(basically things like getting rid of large attachments, older e-mails, setting up filtered forwards to new/storage accounts etc.)
    All hacks obviously, to get around the fact that they won’t sell you something you’re willing to pay for. Maybe in 5 years when search is played out and Google’s looking to monetize as many services as they can? It’s almost like you need a Gmail aggregator with all of Gmail’s abilities.

  2. dub dub says:

    Doesn’t yahoo now offer unlimited email storage?
    Forward all the crap archiveable stuff to yahoo until google gets its act together, which I imagine will be any moment now…
    I realize the web 2.0 crowd can not publicly admit to using yahoo anymore, but your secret is safe with me! I strongly recommend using the old yahoo interface, because the new one is even slower than gmail :)

  3. Paul,
    Note: premier is $50 per user per YEAR…
    Another way? Create another Gmail user, ie:, login to the account, pop3 all the email from the original account into the archive account(under the accounts tab), then go back and filter several prior years and trash them… freeing up the same but having it available in the other account.

  4. What about creating another gmail account and forward your current email address to it.

  5. Some other comments have touched on this, but another similar solution would be to make a new gmail account, forward everything there, then set your outgoing server for any mail to go through your existing name. It would be seamless to everyone you’re emailing with. The only aggravation might be searching for mail pre and post split, but that seems like a small price to pay.

  6. Paul, I have the same gripe… I’m at 98% and I’ve been battling my storage down for at least 4-5 months now. It’s getting harder and harder.
    I went ahead and setup a Google Apps account just to test it out, to understand exactly what would be involved with a setup like that. What I found out is that it’s a real pain to try and move from a Gmail account to Google Apps. Imagine having to manually recreate all of your labels, all of your filters, and migrating all of your contacts. And then there’s the loss of all of the spam/not-spam learning that my Gmail account has done on the mail that I send and receive (I guess that I don’t *know* that Google’s spam filtering is account specific but I’ve always assumed that at least a portion of it is).
    And CJF, I tried what you are suggesting and what I remember is that Gmail’s POP mailbox fetch feature doesn’t work Gmail account to Gmail account. It’d be wonderful little trick if it did.

  7. P.S. I’ve always imagined that Google’s holding out on offering expanded Gmail storage capacity to do it in conjunction with their online data storage service (Gdrive?).
    As someone who creates bits at an increasing pace (used to just be e-mail/documents/spreadsheets, then digital photographs, now there are a bunch of videos in there too), what I want but don’t have is a canonical single-point storage system that’s fault tolerant (don’t make me worry about backups), searchable, scalable (it has to keep growing as I need more space, no need to ever delete anything), fast, and universally accessible. So the storage problem I have with Gmail is similar to the problem that I have with all of my data today. For e-mail, Google’s nailed almost everything I want… just not the scalability part.

  8. How about a different domain or subdomain for your gmail addr? (like Although, I seem to recall though that perhaps you can’t actually map only a subdomain to a gmail premier acdcount. In which case you could do, or something else similar. Hopefully you could set the reply-to in gmail back to even if the ‘from’ was ’’ or whatever.
    all annoying workarounds of course.

  9. I’m a little confused here…I have gmail account…gmail for domains, and it has 15g, no charge and I can add 24 other users. This has changed then?

  10. Re: moving mail between gmail accounts…
    There is this software (gXFER: Google account transfer) which trys to maintain labels between accounts
    The other direct solution is;
    The solution is two-fold. First, in the original Gmail account, make sure you’ve enabled POP Email in Settings|Forwarding and POP and selected Enable POP for ALL MAIL.
    Then, logout, and login to your destination account from Add an Email Account, enter in the Gmail username and the POP Server as Also, note the non-standard port 995. Don’t select “Leave a copy” because Gmail won’t let you anyway. However, don’t worry, your emails won’t be deleted in the source.
    Credit for these go to Scott Hanselman

  11. PRoales says:

    You could buy another domain name, something like and setup a new “Google for your Domain” that is a premium account.
    Forward all of your email to it, and work from the account.
    Use the “add a email” feature of GMail, so that you can send email from as
    This would effectively allow you to have a premium account for ~$57 while not disturbing the other users of the domain name.
    You could transfer your 2GB of email over to the new account, so it is searchable, using the tool mentioned above (

  12. Why not just download all the mail older than 1 year to a local drive and then erase it from the gmail account? You could even make copies of the archive for your different computers. 2 GB is pretty small on your hard drive.

  13. Why not switch to yahoo email? They offer unlimited storage. Gmail lets you keep your email/email-address even if you switch. You can use POP3 to access the mails sent to your gmail address using yahoo account.

  14. I agree that Google needs more flexible pricing, particularly a plan for companies that just want email with tech support. If Google offered $5/mailbox/year, it would kill hundreds of ISPs.

  15. dub dub says:

    @Manoj: Of course your idea makes perfect sense, but it takes a very confident person to admit to using yahoo nowadays. Best to pretend yahoo doesn’t exist for the purposes of this discussion :)
    Besides, I’m sure google will allow “unlimited” storage in some form soon…
    @Neil: ISP’s ought to get out of the webmail business anyway.

  16. It takes a very confident person to admit to using Yahoo Mail nowadays? Don’t forget that Yahoo Mail is the most-used web mail service. Gmail is not the be-all-end-all. Quit whining.