Research Watch: Immigration, Extreme Weather, & Giffen Goods

As promised, more recent research papers that some may find of interest.  These two happen to be good weekend, dinner-table debate fodder.

The first paper has the fascinating finding that something like 8-15% of the increase in life expectation in the U.S. over the last thirty years has do with people moving south, into more benign climates. This has all sorts of implications, including that life expectancy could increase faster than expected in the U.S., thus creating an even larger burden on an over-taxed healthcare system.

The second paper is also policy-centric, and it has the sure-to-be controversial finding that incarceration rates among recent immigrants to the U.S. are one-fifth those of native born. Does it have to with rapid deportation of the worst sorts, thus reducing the criminal element among immigrants. Nope. Take that Lou Dobbs!


  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but where is the bit about giffen goods?